Friday December 12, 2008

Software4Students Eligibility Update December 2008

Microsoft Confirm 3rd Level Students At University / College Now Eligible Again For Discount Software.

by SoftwareGuru
Friday 12th December 2008 13:47 GMT

What's this all about?
We can announce that from today all 3rd level UK students are now eligible (alongside 2nd level pupils) to buy the massively discounted software from Software4Students.

I'm confused, I thought 3rd level students were eligible anyway?
They were, originally. However, due to licensing negotiations between Microsoft and the UK education industry, 3rd level students were temporarily excluded from the Software4Students program for the last few months.

Everyone involved worked really hard to fix this and now university and college students can finally reap the benefits.

Student Software News! 
Student Software Eligilbility

OK, so now all UK pupils and students are eligible, right?

And family members?
Yes, any family member or guardian can purchase software on behalf of a student also.

Anything else I should know?
The same quantity restriction applies: under this program each student is only entitled to purchase ONE software license of each product.

That's brilliant! Can I tell all my friends?
Yes, that would be much appreciated. Especially as we're cheaper than Amazon and we're an Official Microsoft partner. 

So whether you're a student at 2nd or 3rd level or a parent or guardian buying on behalf of a pupil, the fantastic savings are now available to you!

And Finally...

In other news, the Software4Students Christmas newsletter has just been sent out to all our subscribers.

For last minute shoppers our Notion Music software would make an ideal present for creative minds.

Alternatively, Expression Studio 2 is one of the most exciting software packages we have on offer whether it's editing photos, creating graphics, rendering videos for uploading to the internet or even designing websites. Plus, our student deal with Microsoft means that you can save £477 on the RRP - wow!

With many new PCs and laptops being given as Christmas presents this year, just remember that the cheapest place for official software is right here, at Software4Students.

And remember, you can also visit our Facebook profile to register your support for this student software discount program. Let your voice be heard.

Merry Christmas & good luck bargain hunting!

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