Friday October 29, 2010

The Definitive MS Office 2011 Mac Version For Students

Best UK price doesn't compare if you buy Mac software online   

by SoftwareGuru

The whole point of the Software4Students program is to provide full version software at academic prices of up to 80-90% discount.

Therefore, the definitive version of MS Office 2011 for Mac as far as UK students is concerned is not the "Home and Student Edition".

Available on the high street and from other online stores, the "Home and Student Edition" does not include Outlook 2011.

Essentially it's a stripped down edition and considering how many students have asked us specifically about Outlook 2011 for Mac it's easy to know which version you prefer. explains why this is important:

"Outlook's email capabilities are very good. IMAP and POP worked perfectly, and if you're using common email providers - like Gmail or MobileMe - Outlook does a good job of automatically configuring itself using just your email address."

Most students will use more than one email address and have a least one social media profile.

The advantage with Outlook for Mac is that students can manage all their accounts from the one place and schedule alerts for custom events.

It's like having your very own personal assistant!

MS Office for Mac 2011 Review

The good news is that Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Even the minor criticisms are in the 'easily fixed with future updates' category which yet again highlights the key benefit of buying genuine software.

You can also expect social media expansion given how Facebook is integrated into everything these days.

High profile Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 reviews at a glance:

- "not only a great Mac release, it's a great Office release"

- "Word 2011 is great - 4.5/5"

- "a big improvement over the previous iterations. Across the board, it's noticably faster and feels more at home on the Mac than before - 4/5"

- "wildly faster, looks and feels much better, and delivers strong advancements in every app, particularly the vastly improved experience of the new Outlook over the pitiful Entourage - 4/5"

- "Excel 2011 for Mac is the biggest leap forward. Ever."

Even the most entrenched Apple Mac fan is conceding that Office Mac 2011 is simply a great product.

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All the bells and whistles

To clarify, we sell the Office for Mac 2011 Standard edition which is not available at retail.

As an official Microsoft partner, the version supplied to us under the academic licence is available for students to buy and includes the full package, including Outlook and Messenger 8 for Mac.

- MS Word 2011 for Mac

Inspired by iWork, Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac borrows the best ideas and then makes them even better.

Students should also know that support to Mac Office 2011 for Windows Live SkyDrive and SharePoint 2010 is in place.

This will enable users to edit and share their files online and participate in group editing.

In addition, students can take full advantage of the following software programs:

- MS Excel 2011 for Mac

- MS PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

- MS Outlook 2011 for Mac

- Messenger 8 for Mac

So there you have it, the latest version of Office for Mac is a critical success.

Customers can order the official download now from this site.

Depending on your Internet Service Provider (ISP) you may find that downloads from all websites during peak hours are slower than normal.

It's common practise for ISPs to throttle bandwidth during peak hours so please keep this in mind if you are downloading from this site.

DVD order information will be posted here as soon as we get it from Microsoft.

To find the cheapest UK price for Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 visit the link now.