Wednesday June 27, 2012

5 Benefits of Using Software to Study

It’s no secret that students are addicted to technology and use computers, laptops, smartphones and other digital devices on a daily basis. An amazing 98% of all students own a digital device and 38% say they can’t go more than 10 minutes without using their gadget.

Of course not all of the time students spend using technology is spent procrastinating! Students are taking advantage of the technology available and using software fromMicrosoft, Adobe, Kaspersky and Dragon Naturally Speaking to help use their study time wisely.

Students are always searching for ways to take the heartache out of studying and the availability of technology reduces the strain on student’s everyday study habits. However, students are not always aware of the incredible software savings that exist which can help them achieve their study goals.

Technology can be used to help students to:

• Create professional and effective presentations

• Use your voice to control your computer to promote efficient use of time

• Install tools such as Microsoft Office to improve everyday study

• Produce effective flashcards to help build memory

• Design amazing graphics 

•Create interactive websites

•Produce animations and play games

•Create and edit music


3 out of 4 students say they would not be able to study without technology and here’s why.....

Benefits of Using Software for Study:

1.Increase student’s performance:

Software has been linked to improved student performance as it allows students the freedom to be more productive and creative with their revision time. Discounts are available for students on web and graphic design solutions provided by Adobe such as the New Adobe CS6 software. This new programme allows users to create and edit images and easily develop interactive content for any platform.

2.Information access:

Software such as Microsoft Office 2010 allows students to access their work from a computer as well as mobile device. Users can download Office software to two separate locations whether it’s a computer or mobile device such as a laptop. This gives students the freedom to work from different locations and devices if they need to.


As a student, you will need software that will allow you to work together with your team members from various locations. Microsoft Word 2012, PowerPoint 2010 and OneNote 2010 helps you work on a file with multiple users simultaneously from different locations. This software allows you to collaborate with group members more efficiently by sharing information, brainstorming ideas, control versions better and meet deadlines faster. 

4.Improves productivity:

Voice recognition solutions from Dragon Naturally Speaking save students an enormous amount of time as words appear on the screen as you say them. Dragon is three times faster than typing and reduces typos with 99% accuracy. The software gets even more accurate over time as it learns your word choices and writing style. 

5.Professional delivery:

Microsoft Office software allows you to create, review and publish documents and presentations with professional formatting. PowerPoint 2010 provides the tools required to deliver a more compelling presentation which can effectively engage your audience with embedded content such as videos customised by adding video triggers within a presentation.

Students are not always aware that they can get great discounts on branded software which can provide these amazing study benefits. You don’t want to listen to your friends asking why you didn’t tell them about cheap software prices ages ago! Share these discounts with your friends and stop listening to them complaining about studying and outrageous software costs!