Headphonies Skully Speaker

Headphonies Skully Speaker
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Headphonies Skully Speaker

Please read the following important notice:

 - Boxed product will be sent to your shipping address.

 - Product is 3" (7.6cm) tall 

 - No returns will be accepted for opened or damaged products. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to this policy.

Headphonies was honored with the 2010 Consumer Electronics Association's Design and Engineering Showcase Innovations Award.

NEW  Headphonies Skully Speaker

Mobi's Limited Edition Skully Headphonies speaker is fun, affordable and ultra-portable.  Plug it into your smartphone, iPod, pad or tablet, handheld game console, portable MP3 or CD player and enjoy its great sound for its size. Compact, durable and USB powered for easy portability.

Each design has a unique personality and attitude, find the one that matches your personality better and enjoy your music wherever you go.  Collect your favorite characters for even more fun or give them away as gifts for your children, friends or family. They will love them!


  - Designer toy inspired speaker

  - Amplified speaker gives incredible sound for its size.

  - Only 3" tall

  - Includes MP3 / iPod connection cord

  - Lithium Ion rechargeable battery lasts up to 4 hours on a charge

  - Includes USB recharging cable

  - Includes key chain loop


    - Use with smartphones, iPods, pads or tablets, handheld game consoles, portable MP3 or CD players.

    - Includes MP3 / iPod connection cord