Microsoft Office for Mac Home & Student 2011

Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Student 2011
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Microsoft Office for Mac Home & Student 2011 - Your Trusted Partner in Learning

Please note that Microsoft Outlook does not come in this version


- Compatibility: Mac OS X version 10.5.8 or later


- Usage: Installation on 1 Mac, non-commercial* use only


- Format: Official Microsoft Product Key


* This product cannot be used by any governmental organisations; or for any commercial, non-profit, or any other type of revenue-generating activities.


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** Please note due to licencing restrictions, products purchased from software4students will not activate outside the United Kingdom.

Microsoft Office for Mac Home & Student 2011 Overview

What's included in my purchase?



- Office for Mac Home & Student 2011 includes essential Microsoft Office software for academic and domestic user in the UK:

Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac

Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 2011

Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac 2011


Also included in this pack:

- Microsoft Office Web App Support

- Messenger for Mac 8 - Remote Desktop for Mac 2

- 90 days Technical Support by Microsoft

- The Microsoft Partner of Choice for Students & Home Users


Official full version software, academic price, lifetime use on your Mac!

Students and home users can now take advantage of this special offer for Office 2011 for Mac, the package that offers the best compatibility with Windows-based Office, by


Office for Mac Student and Home edition gives school-children and university students an academic edge. It is great for school and home projects like completing assignments, reports, presentations, data analysis and more.


Students can use Microsoft Word 2011 to produce attractive documents that and share them with their classmates. Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 is the must-have program to create and broadcast presentations with a professional look. Managing a home and student budget and organising yuor data becomes easier with Microsoft Excel 2011.


Why Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Student?

The applications in Office for Mac have a consistent Mac user look and feel, so that you can move smoothly between home finances, class presentations and other everyday tasks in an easy and effective way. This must-have offering is surprisingly cheap if you buy Office Mac 2011 from Software4Students UK. Enjoy custom-designed Mac software created to fit your budget and life and the flexibility that you need: extended access to your files from almost anywhere and the most reliable compatibility with Office for Windows.

About Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Student 2011 Edition


What's new in Microsoft Office for Mac 2011?

With Office for Mac 2011 you can now work from virtually anywhere since you can now work online through the Office Web Apps.


Collaborating on a school or university project also becomes easier through online co-autoring. By working together with others in real-time, students can increase their productivity and deliver documents with superior quality. It does not matter if your co-author is here, in the other side of the world, or even if they are on a Windows operating system, you can collaborate with virtually anyone!


And if you are a fan of Mac programs' look and feel, the Ribbon now has the same menu interface of most of those so that you can easily locate what you are looking for.


In addition to all these exciting new features, Office for Mac 2011 comes with a template gallery to make your life easier. Just choose the layout that you like, edit it within the gallery or use it straight away to create great looking documents.


These are only a few reasons why you will enjoy using Office for Mac 2011 but the most important is that MS Office Mac 2011 helps you to put your best work forward and offers amazing Value for Money!


What do I get with Office for Mac Home and Student?

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Home and Student Includes:

Microsoft Word 2011: Create attractive documents that express your ideas.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2011: Produce and deliver presentations like a pro.

Microsoft Excel 2011: Gain better understanding of your data by analysing, organising and sharing it.


Office for Mac Home & Student Features


Office Web Apps

Windows Live SkyDrive lets you store and edit your documents and presentations online, for free. Then, use Office Web Apps to access your documents from almost any computer through web browser*.



Co-author documents like reports, presentations, graphs and more in real time. You can also add audio/video to chats. You can share your content with almost anyone since it is Office for Windows compatible.


The Ribbon

The Ribbon and toolbar make it easier for you to access commonly used commands. Their advanced feature automatically update to match the program and function you are in. Since Office for Mac shares the menu interface of most Mac programs, finding what you are looking for is easy and quick.


Template Gallery

The templates available in the Gallery help you to create eye-catching and documents with a consistent look with almost no effort. Choosing the right template is also easy as they are displayed in a format that allow you to quickly find the layout that appeals to you.


Photo Editing

Office for Mac 2011 comes with a full suite of media editing options, including in-document photo finishing, color-corrections, background removal, and more.


Full Screen View

Maximize on-screen space for reading and writing documents.


Slideshow Broacasting

With PowerPoint for Mac 2011 you can deliver presentations to people in other locations, and hence make big savings and reducing your travel costs.



Sparklines allow you to create small charts in a single cell so that you can visualise data in the smallest details while seen the big picture.


Visual Basic

Automate unproductive and repetitive tasks in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel with coding.


Reorder Objects

Reorder layers of text, photos, and graphics quickly. Create richer documents than ever, and rearrange them without cumbersome copying and pasting.


* Office Web Apps require SharePoint Foundation 2010 for business use or a free Windows Live ID for personal use, as well as an appropriate device, an Internet connection, and a supported Web browser. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer 7 or later for Windows, Safari 4 or later for Mac, and Firefox 3.5 or later for Windows, Mac, or Linux. There are some differences between the features of Office Web Apps and the Office 2011 programs.

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 System Requirements & Compatibility


Minimum System Requirements

A Mac computer with an Intel processor.


• Operating System: Mac OS X version 10.5.8 or later.


• Hard Disk: 2.5 GB of available hard disk space.


• Memory: 1 GB of RAM recommended.


• Display: 1280 x 768 or higher resolution monitor.


• HFS+ hard disk format (also known as Mac OS Extended or HFS Plus).


• DVD drive or connection to a local area network (if installing over a network).


*** Please note that changing hardware may result in a loss of license. Licenses are non-transferrable.


The following are required for the use of some features:


1. Certain online functionality requires a Windows Live ID.


2. Access to files stored on a SharePoint server requires connectivity to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 or later.


3. Co-authoring requires SharePoint 2010 or a Windows Live ID.


Other External Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Resources


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Official blog of the Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 development team

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