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Once you have purchased Expression software using student discount prices, visit the Microsoft Expression Community site for a wealth of in-depth information and learning resources. You can also learn new skills and tips with the Microsoft Expression Newsletter.

You will benefit from a whole host of in-depth information, valuable resources and additional bonus material about these new design products. Every two months the Expression Newsletter will provide you with:

  • exclusive information and feedback from design experts
  • best practices and business cases with the Expression tools
  • dates of events and happenings in the field
  • step-by-step tutorials, samples, webcasts and video training 

So get to know today what interactive designers will work with tomorrow!

Microsoft Expression Software information

The Expression 2 Software range from Microsoft offers the latest innovative programs that establish both new and experienced areas for the company. Usually retailing at £250-£450 depending on the individual program, students and their family members can take advantage of our educational licensing deal with Microsoft. Buy now at an unbelievable discount!

Easy-to-use yet powerful

With FrontPage now evolved into SharePoint, users who don’t want to jump in at the deep end can hone their craft with the easy-to-use yet powerful Expression Web 2 program.

Alongside this we have Expression Encoder 2, Expression Blend 2 and Expression Media 2 which take your creativity to a whole new level.

Together they form a formidable digital content design suite, providing ready and able support to both Microsoft Silverlight (Adobe Flash alternative) and the .NET platform.

Creating digital media content for browsers is the goal for Silverlight and for advanced users there is the option of featuring JavaScript (you can command a Silverlight app with JavaScript) and also AJAX (Silverlight can auto-load content from elsewhere). Clearly, Microsoft have targeted designers’ needs and even at this first attempt, have achieved much success in doing so.

More strings to your bow

The incredible value of having the full professional suite at an educational discount price is soon apparent as more strings are added to your bow.

Certainly, it would be foolish to underestimate the power and potential these applications posses not only as standalone software but together as the Swiss Army Knife of digital content and web design.

Future incarnations of Microsoft Expression Software will have a lot to live up to!