Technology Guarantee

 A Technology Guarantee allows you to purchase an older version of software which is currently available and receive a software upgrade when a newer version of the product becomes licensed. This allows users to begin using the existing software now while being assured of access to the new version when it becomes available, at no additional licensing cost (only the cost of the media or online fulfilment will apply).

Software4Students offer technology guarantees for certain products – see past Tech Guarantee below involving the upgrade from Microsoft Office 2007 to Office 2010 prior to the product’s availability. Customers who purchased Microsoft Office 2007 between 5th March 2010 and 30th September 2010 via Software4Students had the opportunity to acquire Office 2010 when the product became available at no additional licensing cost provided they acquire the new software by 31st October 2010.

We have also recently offered customers who purchased a product from the Adobe CS5.5 range to get a free upgrade to Adobe CS6 range equivalent when the CS6 design suites were launched. This offer has now expired. 


Benefits of a Technology Guarantee: 

  • Software4Students customers do not have to wait for the newer version of a product to avail of software if it is linked with a Technology Guarantee
  • Customers do not have to pay an additional licensing cost and only pay a minimal fee to receive the download or physical media
  • The Tech Guarantee allows users to keep up-to-date with the latest software on the market


Please Note: Software4Students customers can avail of the Tech Guarantee on a temporary basis prior to purchasing the older version of software. For example, users availing of the Microsoft 2010 Tech Guarantee must have claimed the TG by 31st October 2010. Software4Students customers are purchasing a single license with temporary flexibility to upgrade to the newer software when it becomes available. This offer only applies to items purchased from Software4Students and is not available with all products displayed on the website.


Past Technology Guarantee offered by Software4Students:

Note: This is an example of a past technology guarantee and is no longer valid.

Microsoft Office 2010 available to download now from Software4Students

Click here to find out more about Microsoft Office 2010


What is the Office 2010 Microsoft Technology Guarantee?

The Microsoft Tech Guarantee allows Software4Students customers to begin using Office 2007 now while assuring them access to Office 2010 when it becomes available, at no additional licensing cost (Just the cost of media or online fulfilment).


How does Microsoft Office 2010 Technology Guarantee work?

Customers that purchase Office 2007 via Software4Students between March 5, 2010 and September 30, 2010, receive rights to Office Pro Plus 2010 and may acquire Office Pro Plus 2010 software when it becomes available at no additional license cost.

Please Note: Students must acquire the Office 2010 software by October 31, 2010 to take advantage of this Tech Guarantee.

Which Office 2007 editions qualify for the Tech Guarantee?

Office Standard 2007, Office Pro Plus 2007 and Office Enterprise 2007 all qualify under the Tech Guarantee. In all cases, customers exercising the Tech Guarantee will receive Office Pro Plus 2010, which will become the sole edition of Office 2010 offered through Software4Students.


How do I get my copy of Office Pro Plus 2010 when it becomes available?

All customers who purchase Office Standard 2007, Office Pro Plus 2007 and Office Enterprise 2007 between March 5th 2010 and September 30th 2010 from Software4Students will receive an email notifying them of the availability of Office Pro Plus 2010 when it is released by Microsoft. You will then need to login to your Software4Students account where a unique product will be available to you giving you access to the Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2010 tech guarantee.


When will Office Pro Plus 2010 be available?

Release dates have not yet been provided by Microsoft, but we expect it to be available within the next 6 months.


How much does it cost?

In exercising the tech guarantee, end users will only be charged for the cost of physical or electronic fulfilment (download) of Office 2010 software. There will be a cost of £5.00 to receive it by electronic fulfilment or £8.00 to receive the physical media option. This is the only cost that will apply to receiving your copy of Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2010 under the tech guarantee scheme.


What products are included in Microsoft Office Pro 2010?

There are 10 products in total included in Microsoft Office Pro 2010:

1. Word

2. Excel

3. PowerPoint

4. Outlook with Business Contact Manager

5. OneNote

6. Access

7. Publisher

8. InfoPath

9. SharePoint Workspace

10. Communicator

Click here for more Microsoft Office 2010 details.

The Software4Students program limits fulfilment of software to students to one copy of software per license.  

How will the TG be implemented considering this restriction?

To enable the tech guarantee, Microsoft is temporarily allowing customers to make a software only order(s) for the sole purpose of fulfilling Office Pro Plus 2010 to end users that purchased Office 2007 during the TG window. This option is provided through a grant letter posted at

Should we simply wait to purchase Office 2010 when it becomes available?

You can wait to purchase Office 2010 when it becomes available. However, with the technology guarantee, customers can purchase and be productive now with Office 2007 and still be assured of access to Office 2010 as soon as it becomes available.


Will we have rights to run both Office 2007 and Office 2010?

The tech guarantee allows customers to effectively purchase Office 2010 in advance, but still acquire the Office 2007 media/download today. Customers will have one license of Office 2010, which provides downgrade rights. Customers are NOT receiving two licenses and do not have the option to transfer one of those - you are purchasing a single license, and the temporary flexibility to purchase Office 2007 media/download now and Office 2010 media/download as it becomes available. Complete Office 2010 use rights will be published when Office 2010 is available at: