Kano Star Wars The Force Coding Kit

Learn to Code and become a Jedi Master


Kano Star Wars The Force Coding KitCreate, play and learn to code with this step-by-step kit that teaches you how to harness the Force and become a Jedi master.

Open the box and start learning to master the ways of the Force, pilot starships, Jedi Mind Trick stormtroopers and more.

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Code your GalaxyCode your galaxy

Once you’ve mastered the basics, there’s no end to what you can make. Code lightsabers, pilot iconic spacecraft, levitate stormtroopers or Rebels, and then share it all with fellow Jedi in the Kano World online community.

Make it YourselfMake it yourself

Open the box, pop out the parts. Follow the book, connect the board, button and bits. Play with sensors, see how they work.

Learn to CodeLearn to code

Step-by-step challenges show you how. Connect code blocks, see the JavaScript as you go and level up slowly as you learn about loops, logic and variables. The more you train, the more powerful you become.

Become a Jedi MasterBecome a Jedi master

Master the ways of the Force, choose between the light side and the dark side, and create your own Star Wars story with this innovative coding kit. Simple steps teach you how to code, create and play endless adventures, taking you from padawan to Jedi master as you level up.

Explore the ForceExplore the Force

Move your hand to swing lightsabers, levitate X-wings, pilot starships, make Force lightning, Jedi Mind Trick stormtroopers, and more.



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