Tuesday January 5, 2010

Top 10 Microsoft Office Related Searches

Get Productive With MS Office  

by SoftwareGuru

It's common for internet users, especially parents, to use online forums to ask about Microsoft Office software.

Although software is not a sports team, you wouldn't think it from some of the responses you may receive.

Those who have already made up their mind will try to tell you what to think. They want you to support their team.

Some may even sneer at the idea of paying any money for software citing OpenOffice or Google Docs as being your only choices. Perhaps it is the male mentality of forming tribes and seeking recruits.  

So let's look at this debate objectively. Which of the following would you rather have:

A free pair of jeans or up to 90% off your favourite type of jeans?

A free haircut or up to 90% off a session with the UK's top stylist?

It comes down to choice. Some people prefer free to spending any money. Others prefer value for money.

At Software4Students we deliver top quality software like Microsoft Office with price discounts of up to 90%. It's your choice.

Microsoft Office Search Terms

As search engines have become the new Yellow Pages, it has become possible to track what others are searching for online.

A search traffic comparison for 'Microsoft Office' against Google, Bing and Yahoo! reveals the following:

1. microsoft office templates
2. microsoft office 2007
3. microsoft office 2007 product key
4. microsoft office 2010
5. microsoft office home and student 2007
6. microsoft office for mac
7. microsoft office live
8. microsoft office 2007 free download
9. microsoft office download
10. microsoft office clip art

Surprisingly, "Microsoft Office Templates" takes the #1 spot. Over at the website you can find a large selection of free Office templates.

In the next academic year 2010-2011 we may see the educational release of Office 2010. However, the integration of Facebook, Twitter and other social media features raises large questions about productivity.

Receiving email alerts from Outlook is one thing, receiving a constant stream of social media alerts sounds incredibly distracting.

Considering the average computer user will never stray far from default software settings, let's hope it's not an own goal against getting things done.

Many companies have blocked Facebook in the office and seen productivity rise, which reminds me of this headline: Study Finds Working At Work Improves Productivity.
Most Significant

The idea of storing our important data online and accessing it from anywhere (ie. Cloud computing) is arguably the most important development for software.

You could argue that regardless of what version of Microsoft Office you use, that your free account is actually more important.

While much has been made of Microsoft's new file format for documents (.docx), I always believed - and still do - that Office 2007's trump card is Office Live integration.

As a key feature, that will not suddenly be devalued when a newer Office software package eventually emerges.

Parents, guardians, teachers and students alike should get into the habit of saving documents not only to their harddrive but also to their Office Live account.

It may take the older generation a bit longer to switch to cloud computing but the advantages are clear.

Microsoft already store a large selection of clip art and office templates online. Is it really that big of a jump for older users to start using the web to store data?

The success of online music streaming services such as Spotify would suggest that people are indeed ready to embrace convenience over physical media.

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