Azure In Education

Did you know that teachers, lecturers, students, university researchers and IT professionals at educational institutions have access to development tools and Azure services at no charge? Not only that, but they provide research grants of cloud services as well. Microsoft is committed to supporting the next generation of technology leaders with tools, technology and computing power.

Some of the Feature
  • Build games or apps or launch a new project with Microsoft Imagine
  • Build and deploy an app on a Windows or open-source platform with Visual Studio Dev Essentials
  • Free access to cloud-based resources for my research with Microsoft Azure for Research
  • Share my code and collaborate with others with Azure Notebook
  • Build cloud-based machine learning applications with Azure Machine Learning
  • Create and deploy web apps that scale on Azure with Web apps feature of Azure App Service
  • Try all of Azure for free, create a Free Azure account
  • Online courses to learn about Azure and the cloud with Free Azure training

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