Monday March 7, 2011

Open University Student Discount With NUS Extra Card 2011

More Money Saving Advice For UK Students

by SoftwareGuru

Let's cut to the chase. Going to University is expensive. Many students are now studying from home to save money.

If you study from home, you should still make the most of you student status.

Did you know that Open University students are eligible for an NUS card? This will help you save even more money.

In 2011 it's a lot easier to keep track of various high street store student discounts by following them on Twitter.

You don't even need to tweet.

Simply by having a Twitter account and following others, you can keep an eye on limited time offers and bargains.

The NUS Extra Twitter account is a great place to start.

Companies like TopMan even run music themed Twitter accounts such as @topmanctrl which regularly give away free gig tickets.

Save Hundreds of Pounds

Perhaps one of the worst things about being a student is the fact that you're always fishing down the back of the sofa for spare change, as studying and working full-time do not go hand in hand.

Students of the Open University also don't have the time available to hold down a proper job, so students need all the help they can get to save themselves a penny or two.

Luckily, one of the best things about being a student is the fact you can get money off your purchases whenever you show your student card or use your university email address.

Some offers can result in 15% or even 20% savings, and you'll save a lot of money whenever you take a train or bus.

Many Open University students are concerned that because they study at home, they may not be entitled to the same concessions.

However, a lot of places will accept your OUSA Membership Card, which is available for free from the university.

You will probably need this to sit your exams, so if you haven't gotten it already, apply for it now.

Even better than this is the fact that the Open University has once again teamed up with the National Union of Students to provide the NUS Extra Card for 2010/11.

It costs just £11, but could end up saving you hundreds.
More Ways To Save

Over half a million UK students receive discounts from over a hundred different shops, stores, and services every year.

Whether you like to eat at McDonalds, check out recent releases at your local ODEON, buy concert or sports tickets from Tickemaster, or unwind at the gym with Fitness First, you can avail of numerous fantastic offers, meaning that your finances are one thing less to worry about.

There are dozens of ways to save yourself money, and although £11 may seem expensive for a piece of plastic, it will pay for itself many times over.

At this point I should point out that you do not need a NUS Extra card to get discounts at Software4Students.

As long as you are a student or buying on behalf of a student who attends an academic institution listed in our database, you can enjoy massive savings on high street prices.

We're even cheaper than Amazon!

Software4Students also have time limited offers so it's always worth keeping an eye on our website.

You won't always have access to student discounts so it's best not to take them for granted. The more money you can save, the less debt you will have after you graduate.

Student debt is such a massive issue right now that every discount you can get your hands on is worth maximising.

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