Microsoft Office 2007 Software

Microsoft Office 2007 Software
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We are currently out of stock of Microsoft Office 2007 Professionl Plus.

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As a discount software store and Official Microsoft Partner, we have carefully selected only those versions which we believe offer the greatest value for money.

  • Office Pro Plus from Software4Students = Full of digital content creation options, including Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Access
  • Office Visio Pro = Change the way how your display data by creating captivating diagrams
  • Office OneNote Pro = Great for managing your revision notes digitally and more...
  • Office Groove Pro = Organise your group or team online and enter a world of infinite possibilities by collaborating with others

* Our deals include installation on up to 2 PC's.

We Explain Your Choices

Ever tried logging in to your email only to have an annoying flash ad appear over the log in section? It's frustrating, isn't it?

Other online stores sell the 'student & home' editions that don't give you Outlook which allows you to access all your email in the one place.No point paying more for less, you want to pay less and get more!

With Outlook you can browse work email, hotmail, yahoo, gmail, plus email from any blogs or websites you manage. All of these can be viewed without opening a web browser meaning you don't have to wade through ads to read emails. Phew!

Microsoft Office: Reviewing the changes

This incarnation of Microsoft Office is not so much an upgrade as a fundamental redesign. The process by which the user interacts with an application, such as Microsoft Word, has been extensively overhauled. The ribbon - that's the large toolbar at the top of the page - features all the tools and actions that the user needs, in a much more intuitive way than previous Office versions. Here's the clever bit: the more often you use the new Microsoft Office, the more you notice that the ribbon knows which tools you frequently use and presents these to you without fuss. It certainly improves upon the less intuitive menus of earlier Microsoft Office editions.

Top 10 Benefits of Microsoft Office:

  1. Now you can get more out of the Microsoft Office programs you use every day.
  2. Presentation is important: you will be able to deliver stunning results that look more professional.
  3. Make your life less stressful: create, review, and publish professional-looking content quickly and easily.
  4. Whether you work alone or as part of a team, students can develop and share greater insight from spreadsheet data.
  5. Time management skills get a boost too: manage your time and student commitments more effectively.
  6. Avoid confusion: streamline communication, information sharing, and group project work.
  7. Learn the ways of business: integrate documents into business processes.
  8. Revise the smart way: Students can gather information for revision efficiently and reliably.
  9. Make more effective use of data resources.
  10. Join the Microsoft Office user community with greater ease at lower cost than ever before.