Autodesk Maya LT

Bring your video game design to life with Maya LT.

Create and animate realistic-looking characters, props and environments using the sophisticated 3D modelling and animation tools in Maya LT™ 3D game development software.

Tools for game creators

Maya LT 1 month RecurringMaya LT™ 3D game development software includes intuitive animation, rigging, modelling and lighting features for indie game creators to work faster and without creative limits.


3D modelling, UVs and textures

3d Modeling tools

Sophisticated 3D modelling tools help you to create realistic-looking characters, props and environments.

Revamped UV editor

The UV toolkit offers artist-friendly tools and functionality for quicker UV creation and editing.

Shaders and materials

Create high-quality materials with intuitive tools or work with Allegorithmic Substance materials in Maya LT.

Built-in sculpting tools

Brush-based sculpting tools let artists perform high-level sculpting on their models without having to export to a different tool.

LOD tools for game model efficiency

Optimise content for mobile devices with polygon reduction, data clean-up, blind data tagging and level-of-detail tools.

Physically based shader materials

Use ShaderFX to create high-quality physically based shader materials within Maya LT.

Lighting and texture baking

Simulate realistic game lighting. Use global illumination tools to bake lighting data into texture or vertex maps.

Modelling improvements

Quad draw, multi-cut, bevel and symmetry enhancements make modelling more efficient.

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3D animation and rigging

3D animation tools

3D animation tools in Maya LT let artists create realistic movements that bring their game assets to life. Animate and rig characters and objects for your game.

Rigging tools

Rigging tools in Maya LT ensure characters are ready for believable and realistic animation. Build a control structure for your characters with automated rigging tools.

Shape editor

The shape authoring tools give you more control to create, tweak and correct animations in a detailed way

Time editor

This non-destructive, clip-based, non-linear editor features an intuitive and familiar user interface for working with scene objects.

Graph editor

Edit animation keys using a powerful, intuitive editor.

HumanIK-based Quick Rig tool

Automatically generate and place HumanIK rigs.

Geodesic voxel binding

Bind modelled geometry to skeletons faster, often with just a few clicks.

Bake Deformer tool

Bake complex rigs containing multiple layers of skinning and deformers, down to a single skin cluster.

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Indie game workflows

Game Exporter tool

Send assets from Maya LT to any game engine. Customise and save export settings for model and animation data to keep 3D assets consistent for use in-engine.

Send to Mudbox

Send characters from Maya LT to Mudbox for sculpting and texturing. Export geometry to Mudbox digital painting and sculpting software to add model detail. Send texture and detail maps back to the model in Maya LT.

MEL scripting

MEL scripting improves the day-to-day workflow of game artists, allowing for greater creativity in less time. Simplify and customise your workflow with MEL scripting.

Send to Unity or Unreal

Maya LT includes direct export options for Unity and Unreal Engine.


Quickly switch between customised UI layouts or task-specific UI presets through a simple dropdown menu.

Creative Market integration

Search, browse and buy 3D content on the Creative Market directly from Maya LT.

Viewport improvements

The viewport supports displacement mapping and offers improved transparency, better shadow and shading support, and more.

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