Enabling student access to Creative Cloud during school closures

Article Date: 1st May 2020

Adobe is making temporary at-home access to Creative Cloud available until 6th July 2020 for schools and colleges who currently have only lab access for students, at no additional cost during the Covid-19 closures.

To be eligible for this access, your school or college must be a current customer with an active Device, Shared Device License, or Serial Number plan. This at-home access is temporary, and will apply to Adobe ID, Federated ID or Enterprise ID users in your Adobe Admin Console. The temporary licenses may be provided and removed at Adobe’s sole discretion.

For educational organizations who have already been granted temporary at-home access of Creative Cloud, Adobe has now extended access to July 6, 2020. The extension is automatic and no admin action is required.

Are you a student or teacher? Check out our Student and Teacher FAQ.

Terms and Conditions

These temporary licenses are provided pursuant to your existing agreement for use of Adobe creative software and will be available until July 6, 2020 or until your students return to campus, whichever is sooner.  As a reminder, if you are assigning this temporary license to a student where local laws require parental consent, you are responsible for obtaining any required parental permissions before allowing the student to use the software.

As of the end date, users within your org will be returned to their entitlement level prior to the temporary license request. Any assets created will be accessible by student but subject to the restrictions based on their storage entitlement. The temporary licenses are provided at Adobe’s sole discretion.

By submitting this request for Adobe to provision users with temporary licenses, you agree to these conditions and the existing license terms and conditions.

Request access

If you are the IT admin at a school that is preparing for closure, complete the Adobe Request Temporary Access form on this page, click here.

Each request will be evaluated and eligible organizations will be informed over email when access has been provided.

Provide access to students and teachers

Once your request is processed, all current and new users in your organization’s Admin Console will have temporary access to the latest versions of Creative Cloud desktop apps, for the duration of this program.


  • Do not re-add users to give them access to this offer.
  • Do not associate users with a product, product profile, or group to provide at-home access to Creative Cloud desktop apps.
  • These licenses do not show up separately in the Admin Console. All users present in your Admin Console will be able to sign in and use the apps.

Add additional users

Users already added your Admin Console will get access when your request is processed successfully by Adobe. If all your users are already present in your Admin Console, you can skip this step.

You can use several methods to add additional users to your Admin Console. Depending on the number of users you’re adding or your current setup, you may choose one of the following:

  • Admin Console UI: Use the Admin Console UI to add users to the Admin Console. Navigate to Admin Console > Users > Add Users and then enter the email address and click Save. You don’t need to enter values in the Assign Product or Assign User Group tabs. Use this method to add users, one at a time.
  • Upload CSV: You can use a CSV file to upload users in bulk, up to 5000 rows at a time. Navigate to Admin Console > Users  tab. Click the menu (next to the Add User button) and choose Add Users by CSV. Upload the CSV file that contains a list of email addresses. You can download a template CSV from the Admin Console.
  • Automatic Sync: If you already use automatic sync (such as Adobe User Sync Tool or the User Management API) to add users to your Admin Console, modify the settings on your user management software or the Adobe User Sync Tool to sync eligible users to the Adobe Admin Console.

For example, if you’re using the User Sync Tool, remove the group mapping configuration, as no licenses need to be explicity assigned. Or, you can map the directory group to an Adobe group that does not have any Creative Cloud product entitlements. For help with the User Sync Tool, contact Adobe Customer Care.

Note that assigning users to Creative Cloud All Apps or Single App entitlements may consume your Named User licenses, and may also cause over-deployment.

For more information, see Manage Users in the Adobe Admin Console.


 The complimentary offer provides access to desktop apps only. For basic service access, such as Adobe Fonts, it is recommended that you also add users to your organizations Spark for education offer. For more information, see the Spark for education – deployment guide.

Verify access to temporary licenses

Note: Validate access only after you’ve received confirmation that your request has been processed successfully.

Any users added to your organization in the Admin Console should have access on successful confirmation from Adobe.

  • Sign in to https://creativecloud.adobe.com with your admin account and download and install apps.
  • You may also add a new account to your organization in the Admin Console and then verify that you can sign in with that account and download and install apps.

If your school or college uses Federated IDs or Single Sign-On (SSO), you’ll also need to ensure that your users can sign in to your school network from outside your campus or external networks.

Notify your students and faculty

Once you receive confirmation that your request has been successfully processed, you’ll need to notify your users that they have temporary access to the latest versions of the Creative Cloud apps. Users will need to download and install the apps, if they don’t already have them installed.

For existing users, any assets or or services previously associated with the account are accessible.

You can also share this FAQ for Students & Teachers, that answers some common questions your users may have.


Adobe does not notify users by email when access is provided to or revoked to this offer. Monitor the Adobe Request Temporary Access page for latest information about this offer and inform your users.

However, note that first-time Adobe ID users may receive emails asking them to complete their profiles or set their passwords. Do let such users know in advance to expect some emails from Adobe, so that emails don’t end up in spam or junk folders.

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